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More than just talking about recipes, Splendid Table explores everything about food: the culture, the science, the history, the back stories and the deeper meanings that come together every time people sit down to enjoy a meal.

Video: How to Slice an Onion

May 20, 2016
The Splendid Table Cooks with Francis Lam

Francis Lam is throwing an onion party, and you're invited.

[Ed. note: Put your new skills to work with this Three-Onion Tart with Thyme, Smoky Cheese, and Cream.]

Jekka McVicar's Herb Garden for Hospice

May 20, 2016
Carl Court/Getty Images

In 1987, an Englishwoman named Jekka McVicar started growing herbs in her backyard. Nothing unusual about that -- herb gardens are rampant in the U.K. But the one Jekka McVicar grew made her famous, and she's left the backyard to create the largest herb nursery in the U.K., growing some 300 herbs. 

Via Tsujl / Flickr

Susan Benjamin, founder of True Treats Candy and author of Sweet as Sin, explains the history of candies like Necco Wafers and Circus Peanuts.

Video: How to make garlic paste

May 13, 2016
The Splendid Table Cooks with Francis Lam

The secret to making garlic paste? Keep chopping (and add a little salt).

[Ed. note: Make it a part of this Warm White Bean Salad with Fragrant Garlic and Rosemary.]

'How do you feed more people a healthier meal for less money?'

May 13, 2016
Courtesy of Robert Egger

Robert Egger, founder and president of L.A. Kitchen, wants to create meals for seniors that are local, healthy and affordable.

Lynne Rossetto Kasper: From where you stand, what don't we understand about growing old in the U.S.?

The differences between cow's milk and goat's milk

May 13, 2016
Hilary Woodward / Flickr

"Goat's milk doesn't flocculate -- the cream will not rise to the top," says Molly Birnbaum, executive editor of Cook's Science at America's Test Kitchen.

[More from Birnbaum]

Sally Swift: I have heard rumors that you were stomping around rural Massachusetts looking for raw milk. What were you up to?

Molly Birnbaum

How to cook with rhubarb

May 13, 2016
jamais_vu / iStock / Thinkstock

Rhubarb "looks and tastes like a fruit, and it acts like a fruit," says Taste of Home managing editor Mark Hagen. "But it's really a vegetable." He also shared recipes for Rhubarbecue, Raspberry-Rhubarb Slab Pie and Blueberry-Rhubarb Breakfast Sauce.

Amber Rowlands

"Working completely seasonally, and working with a vegetable garden, what you tend to have is a feast or a famine," says chef Skye Gyngell of the restaurant Spring and author of a book by the same name.

daniellemharms / Flickr

Dear Lynne,

We are organizing our annual Thanksgiving buffet. My cousin is being a pain. She says we have to have hot plates to keep the turkey and my sausage stuffing hot. I think they are safe at room temperature for a couple of hours. Who is right?

-Tom in New York City

Dear Tom,

I hate to tell you, but your cousin wins this one. Left at room temperature, any animal protein will spoil (which includes the meat in the stuffing, and any eggs there too).

Peas are often better frozen

May 6, 2016
massdistraction / Flickr

Dear Lynne,

If you had to pick one frozen vegetable, what would it be?

-Sarah in Baltimore

Dear Sarah in Baltimore,