Music Inside Out
1:00 pm
Thu June 13, 2013

Tom McDermott's Memory Piano

Credit Gregg Goldman
Listen to Gwen and Tom McDermott

The day we visited Tom McDermott's home, the sound of James Booker's "Classified" greeted us. It was a sweet gesture: walking into a man's home to the sound of your radio show's theme music.

McDermott knows how to communicate with a piano.

Blame it on Rio... and ragtime. McDermott has a piano playing style that smacks of sweet melodies, savory harmonies, and spicy Brazilian rhythm. And he serves up all three this hour. Pull up a chair, and enjoy.


Here's a really wonderful video Jason Rhein shot of Tom McDermott, playing "Casa Denise."


Quite a bit of the music in this week's show is available for you to stream to your desktop or mobile device. Or, you can download [.pdf] the complete playlist here and take it with you to your local record store. 

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