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This week on Le Show, Harry Shearer shares The Credibility Gap's Who's on First, Clintonsomething, We're #1, News of Clowns, News of the Olympic Movement, Read the Trades, News of the Atom, The Apologies of the Week, and more!

The eminent Renaissance vocal ensemble Blue Heron is featured on this Continuum. Featured is their very first CD recording performing the music of Guillaume Dufay, considered the very first major Renaissance composer. Included in the program is the music he composed for the dedication of the Cathedral in Florence, Italy in 1436. Recordings used are:  Guillaume Du Fay (Blue Heron) - Blue Heron BHCD 1001, and Istanpitta! (New York’s Ensemble for Early Music) - Lyrichord Discs LEMS 8016.


On this week’s show, we’re taking a tour of the iconic restaurants that have made a transformative impact on American cuisine.


We begin with acclaimed Yale history professor Paul Freedman, who explores two centuries of historical and cultural changes in his book Ten Restaurants That Changed America. Paul's list weaves together culinary and social historyfrom the innovators of roadside dining to the vanguards of haute cuisine.

Thousands of cases go through the Orleans Parish Criminal Court each year, at the corner of Tulane and Broad. This fall, voters will have the chance to choose one of a dozen judges who hear those cases, after 41-year veteran of the bench Frank Marullo was forced to retire.

Candidates for the bench offered a view of their priorities for the criminal justice system at a recent forum at the Seventh Ward Community Center.

New Orleans Museum of Art

A new exhibit at the New Orleans Museum of Art comes from the personal collection of Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen.  And he bought only the best.

This week on All Things New Orleans, the mayor’s proposed city budget leaves some out – like the public defender’s office. Also, a deep dive into how an amendment into the state’s marriage law might make it harder for immigrants to get married; and a look at how teachers are talking to their students about the presidential elections. 

Each week, American Routes Shortcuts offers a sneak peek into the upcoming program. Today, we have local legend Trombone Shorty. Host Nick Spitzer sat down with him back in 2010 to talk about life growing up in the Treme. To hear the full episode, tune into WWNO Saturday at 7 or Sunday at 6, or listen at

Music Inside Out

As noggins in New Orleans go, there is no noggin like that of singer-songwriter Alex McMurray. He’s got more original characters in his head than a Hollywood film library. Why else would McMurray write a song about the man who shot the man who shot Liberty Valance? (Spoiler Alert: John Wayne is in the crosshairs).

You can't really count on the calendar to tell you when seasons change in New Orleans. Balmy and temperate one day, you know we can still plunge right back into humidity the next. You’ve got to be on your guard. But there are other cues that let us know where we stand.

Peter Ricchiuti.
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There are 500 million people on Instagram. It’s the world’s biggest social media site behind Facebook. Instagram reportedly grew by 100 million users over the past 12 months.

Business people wrestle with a simple question: How do you turn this captive audience into customers? On this edition of Out to Lunch we meet the person who has the answer.