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Continuum presents excerpts from the medieval Play of Robin and Marion (Jeu de Robin et Marion). It is the earliest secular play with music, written in around 1282 to 1283, and is the most famous work of Adam de la Halle (1220-1288). It was first performed at the Angevin Court in Naples around this time. The story is a dramatization of a traditional genre of medieval French song, the pastourelle. Recordings used are: Le Jeu de Robin et Marion (Schola Cantorum Basiliensis) - Focus 913, Le jeu de Robin et Marion (Ensemble Perceval) - Arion ARN 68162, Arras 1300 (N.O.

Mallory Falk / WWNO

Uptown New Orleans is pretty much one big construction site. And a lot of that construction is happening along parade routes. How will the city's major drainage project affect Mardi Gras?

Ian McNulty / WWNO

As parades roll and people hit the streets for Carnival revelry, street food blossoms everywhere.

Cityscapes: New Orleans Almost Had A Monorail

Feb 4, 2016

Every month WWNO News Director Eve Troeh talks to Tulane Professor of Geography Richard Campanella about his column "Cityscapes" in | The Times-Picayune. This installment is focused on a late-1950s transportation project, a futuristic monorail that came close to getting city approval.

Zoe Hughes / University of New Orleans

A professor at the University of New Orleans has received a grant to study marshes. The research will compare wetlands in Louisiana with those on the east coast.

Peter Ricchiuti.
Alison Moon / It's New Orleans

Did you know that more people are scared of public speaking than are scared of heights or spiders? And that, when asked, people rank fear of public speaking as even greater than fear of commitment? Think about that. Many of us are more scared of standing up in front of strangers for 5 minutes than committing to a relationship for a lifetime.

Tulane doctors are conducting health screenings today and tomorrow for former NFL players during Super Bowl week festivities. Many players don’t keep up with medical care after leaving the league.

New Orleans in 1958 is the setting for starting an intricate series featuring organized crime, the CIA, Cuba, Kennedy and rock 'n roll.
Crescent City Films LLC

A look at New Orleans through turbulent years starting in the late 1950s is about to debut this weekend at the Prytania Theater. It’s the first glimpse of an intricate project that ends with the assassination of President Kennedy.

Tegan Wendland / WWNO

Most of the fish we eat in the U.S. comes from other countries. Fishermen in Louisiana have long sought to displace some of those imports but the industry has faced challenges like hurricanes and the 2010 BP oil spill.

Now, a new source of fish in the gulf offers promise -- but also raises questions.