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  • Le Show
  • Le Show For July 13th, 2014

    On this week's Le Show, Harry Shearer has News of the Godly, Let Us Try, We're Not Number 1!, Just Say So, News of the Olympic Movement, the Apologies of the Week, News from Outside the Bubble, Karzai Talk and more! 

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  • Louisiana Eats!
  • Make Mine A Double: The American Cocktail

    Despite Louisiana’s scorching temperatures in July, thousands of visitors beat a path to New Orleans in search of a cold cocktail at the annual Tales of the Cocktail event. On this week’s show we’ll hear from the founder of the conference, get a dose of history from the King of Cocktails, and hear how a smear campaign kept absinthe out of our liquor cabinets for 100 years. Break out the ice, the bar’s open on this week’s Louisiana Eats!

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  • Continuum
  • Continuum: If Love Now Reigned

    This week on Continuum, Milton and Thais play early music centered around Henry VIII from the CDs If Love Now Reigned by the Isaak Ensemble Heidelberg (Bayer Records BR 100132 CD) and Music for Henry VIII by The Hilliartd Ensemble (Saga Classics SCD 9003).

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  • Latest News
  • City Council Votes To Strengthen Enforcement Of Short-Term Rental Law

    On Thursday the New Orleans City Council voted to change the definition of transient vacation rentals. Proponents say the change will make it easier to enforce the existing laws that prohibit short-term vacation rentals.

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  • WWNO
  • WWNO's FLASH DRIVE Is One Day Only — July 15

    If you spend just one day this summer thinking about how much you depend on WWNO, let it be this day. But you can also donate right now and your tax-deductible gift will help keep all your favorite news, entertainment and music programs on the air.

    Your financial support helps ensure that you can listen to Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Fresh Air, Car Talk and Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! and directly supports WWNO's local news initiative.

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